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Relationship Confidence

From each of the sets of statements below, select which one is most like you:
I prefer to keep myself to myself and focus on my improving my life as it is today.
I'm happy to move beyond my comfort zone and let the people and world around me guide me
Life's short, I make the most of every opporutunity to talk to people, each step brings me closer to the one.
I often say I'm too busy to meet someone, when I probably could make more of a effort.
Dates are about being open minded and curious. It's a great date if we've both made each other feel good.
I often get dissapointed by dates, people treat it like a tick box exercise. I just want to feel the spark.

Love is about taking risks, I like trusting people, I feel that people like to look out for each other.

I don't trust people easily, most people are just looking out for themselves.

Deep down I feel unappreciated for the amount of effort I've put into relationships.
Deep down I feel I am valued and loved in relationships.
It's important to understand where others are coming from in relationships.
It's important to explain where I coming from in relationships.
I'm clear in what I'm doing and where I stand, I don't like discussing things.
I like sharing views with someone so that we can develop a joint understanding.
Good relationships are built by recognising a difference and explaining what's important to me.
Good relationships are build by recognising a difference and asking someone what's important to them.
I don't like misunderstandings, I'm happy to say sorry first and focus on what we both want rather than right or wrong.
I don't like conflict, but sometimes you have tell someone why something is right or wrong.
I try and make sure I'm being understood correctly.
I try and make sure I understand correctly.
I tend to stay quiet and sometimes feel cynical in relationships. Too much talking causes trouble.
I perfer to reach out and make sure people feel appreciated even for small things
When someone's upset, I reassure them so they have the confidence to open up.
When someone's upset, I leave them alone; if they want to talk they'll ask.
I always make an extra effort support the people I love without being asked.
It's 'each to their own' in most relationships. I look after myself, no-one's ever been there to suport me.
Relationships bring out the best in people; love, respect and postivity helps you rise above any issues.
All relationships evenutally lead to conflict, misunderstanding or bad feeling.
Most of my calls and texts in relationships are about keeping the peace.
Most of my calls and texts are about making someone I care about feel loved.